album First Base - Heavenly mp3 download

album First Base - Heavenly mp3 download

Genre: Electronic
Performer: First Base
Album: Heavenly
Released: 1999
Style: Euro House
MP3 version ZIP size: 1130 mb
FLAC version ZIP size: 1853 mb
WMA version ZIP size: 1828 mb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 833
Other Formats: ASF AC3 WAV RA MP2 AHX MP1

First Base - Heavenly (First Base Mix). The EP. 05:58 1. 5 Мб 320 Кб/с. 860. On this page you can download song First Base - Heavenly (First Base Mix) in mp3 and listen online. First Base - Heavenly (First Base Mix). Watch music video "First Base - Heavenly (First Base Mix)" online. Send lyrics Send translation.

First Base Heavenly (1St Base Mix). play) (pause) (download) (fb) (vk) (tw). First Base Heavenly(EuroDance 90's Красных Евгений . агил).

First Base - Heavenly (First Base Mix). Heavenly (First Base Mix). Download MP3. First Base. 1 2 3 4 5. Related songs.

First Base - Follow me. 3:45.

First Base is an album by the rock music group Babe Ruth. Produced by Alan Shacklock and Nick Mobbs, and engineered by Tony Clark at the EMI's Abbey Road Studios between June and September 1972, it was released that year. The album went gold in Canada, sold well in the US, but had disappointing sales by comparison in the UK. The song "The Mexican" has been covered and remixed many times. Among them, it was covered in 1984 by John "Jellybean" Benitez with vocals by Janita Haan.

Heavenly is a power metal band based in Marseille, France that was formed in 1993 in Paris by vocalist Benjamin Sotto and drummer Max Pilo, originally as a cover band under the name of Satan's Lawyer. In 1994, they changed their name to "Heavenly" and evolved into a full-fledged power metal outfit. In 1998, they released a three-track demo with new guitarist Anthony Parker.

Heavenly (First Base Radio Mix). 2. Reply Notify me Helpful.

First Base - Heavenly Single. So please unlock the Eurodance Encyclopaedia on your AdBlock-like software or consider making a donation. Previous release Love is Paradise 00/00/1995. Next release Can You Keep A Secret ? 00/04/1997. Go to First Base discography.


1 Heavenly (First Base Radio Mix) 3:44
2 Heavenly (First Base Mix) 5:54


  • Producer – DJ Wondermike
  • Vocals – MC Flash , Viktoria


CD Promo - Limited Copies from BMG Music Canada

Iv the rare piccy disc of this classic this never got realsed on vinyl my good friend of mine in italy his m8 worked at a viinyl place wot dished out 1000's of records per week, a few hundred got done b4 the company went under and guess what,there it was... its the best 1 by miles

Euromasterit's funny you talk as if you know what I have and don't have, first of all - get your information correct before posting a comment here that I have only mp3's.... first let me say "I'm friends with MIKE" I have in my personal collection a LOVE IS PARADISE 2014 and just recently received LOVE IS PARADISE 2017 from MIKE (Wondermike) and for u to say that MIKE doesn't have the original DAT's well, let me tell you, YOUR WRONG, me and mike are in talks to re-release all singles in the near future.... so please if u don't have anything good to say or add to this release page or where ever a conversation is taking place DON'T, it's not WANTED or NEEDED....OH, i'll remember you when the singles get released and will not be selling you any.cheers,

like I said, i'll send u the sample when I come across cd again, because I moved since I put those submissions online and everything is in storage bins,.... I got over 120 storage bins full of cd's so like I have said to u before - I don't have to prove anything to u but I will just so u can SHUT UP.... the 2 promos I got from BMG Music Canada in 98 are on a promo cd, so I'm not the one who pressed it so I couldn't tell u what format they use when they pressed these promos, alright?

1. Who told that he has not DAT tape ? )))) We will see when and how he will convert DAT to WAV.... May be in 10 years :)2. I heard new mixes and i don't need them even for free so dunno why you speak about 2014-2017 etc if we spoke about promos with old versions3. I am still sure on 100% that https://www.discogs.com/First-Base-Heavenly/release/3089105 and https://www.discogs.com/First-Base-Follow-Me/release/3096125 you have mp3 quality on CD-R so i have not idea why you added them as CD not as mp3 :) If you want prove that i am wrong - show first 15-20 seconds of track "Follow Me (Radio Mix)" in lossless format or rename CD-Promo to "mp3s"

ANYWAYS, 6 months? that's funny if u think, stuff can get done just like that.... you have to understand, 1st needs permission from Kristina (vocalist) 2nd if BMG still holds the rights to that, he's gonna have to go get permission, don't know why I'm telling u this, since u wouldn't understand how it works., so cheers for that sunshine, have urself a good day - and please do everyone here a favor - STOP with B.S.UR PISSED AND ON YOUR MONTHLY RAG because people (other members) have promos, masters and etc that u cant get your hands on. I know all about you - I hear from people on here.

And about what business you speak ? lol If guy want to sell good promo CD and noone else has any copies and he will not sell WAVs after - he will not find better buyer than me :) But if you speak about business with guys who sell WAVs and convert CD to dust - i don't care about them lol I closed some channels to such "stars" and they has mp3s on CD-Rs as result, but they think that it's normal staff and i am very glad for them... But i just avoided sharing of material and i am sure i made all correct. Sure they don't like me but i don't care hahahahaha

Bla bla bla and nothing more :) Where i've got Europhoria ? Where i've got Teena Heaven including mix that not on CD-R ? I even don't want to waste time for limited guy like you lol. I understand that you are "super star in industry and second Enrico Zabler" lol but i am getting staff without problem in different countries and don't adding CD-R on discogs LOL... But we spoke about another things... You told will be release on First Bases, OK:1. Let's start timer from today... I think 6 monthes is enough for term "soon" and just we will see (it's better than bla bla bla lol)2. Show sample of track i told and we will see what CD You have... And after sample just rename Promo CD to "MP3 ON CD-R" please :)That's all and good luck with adding scarp from 1998-1999 :) But 0.1% of releases can be interesting to show that they are shared already and take for free from producers :) Thank You for this :)

WOW, is all I can say about you - ur the laughing stock of discogs, your a nobody - and from what I hear from sellers and other members on here - no one likes u and doesn't like doing business with u for a number of reasons, but I wont get into that,... also u have stuff from Canadian producers, who do u know? name me 3 producers u know,? cus for a fact I know they wont send u the wav's, i can name u producers from Toronto (Ti Amo label including the owner of Ti Amo who i know personally) from Montreal (Numuzik Productions) including Marc Deslaurier and Marc Andre-Dubois,....that's just to name a few - so don't come here wasting your time and especially mine with ur nonsense because i can guarantee u, just those 3 that i named you wouldn't give u anything in wav, especially to people they don't know.so have urself a nice day and i will send u your sample u requested when i come across the cd again in my storage bins.... and oh yea - i don't sell anything so for u to say that i would charge u 100 dollars, u got me mistaken for someone, read my profile - since day one i've said ask me questions and i will reply but i don't make copies or mp3's or wav's for anyone.... so good try on trying to make yourself look good to other members on here of the eurodance community.... YOUR A JOKE.

May be someone will release something like doing one producer from Europe... "This summer" but during 4 years lol

You have not idea who i am... I am contacting with hundrets producers and buying many material from Italy, Belgium, Germany etc Also have some Canadian's releases FROM PRODUCERS :) You are just limited with Canada so don't try tell me something "300 eurodance CDMs king of 10000" lol You are just cheater who wanted take 100 $ for mp3s called WAVs... That's all i can tell about you... I am waiting first 20-30 seconds of "Follow Me (Radio Mix)" but just do - don't promise LOL

You've already sent and i am still laughing :) So don't waste your and my time. I already saw all i wanted and i already described situation - noone planning to release something AT LEAST IN REAL LOSSLESS QAULITY cause someone who wants has not anything except mp3 called as WAV

I will send u a sample of the Radio Mix in WAV file from the promo, then I'll have the last laugh like I said.

Let me tell u something, u didn't see my samples because I don't send anything out to no one, so laugh all u want,... I'll have the last laugh,. Why would mike tell u that he will be releasing singles, he's not gonna tell u because at the end of the day "you're a nobody in the industry" so cheers

Also you can show picture with spectrum of track Follow Me (Radio Mix) or upload first 15 seconds in WAV and we will laugh together LOL :) Super mp3 hahahahah

You can tell everything you want :) But i saw your samples - it's just mp3 called as WAV + we spoke with Mike too and he had not any plans to make any CDs... I even doubt that he will waste time and copy WAVs from DAT :)

This CD never will be published. You have in mp3 quality and max possible, publish CD with same mp3 quality. Who will buy mp3 if its shared everywhere already. Wondermike has not DAT and has not real CD quality. This will be fake quality with ZERO COST.

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