Performer: Gregoris
Title: Rhodos Vågor
Country: Greece
Released: 1979
Style: Laïkó, Éntekhno
Performer: Lovemakers
Title: This Feeling
Country: Italy
Released: 2005
Style: House
Performer: Chevelle Franklyn
Title: This Man Is Mine / Gal Them A Come
Style: Dancehall
Performer: 松田聖子
Title: 時間の国のアリス/夏服のイヴ
Country: Japan
Released: 1984
Performer: Edo.G
Title: Wishful Thinking
Country: US
Released: 2002
Performer: Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
Title: Bella Bambina / Over The Rainbow
Released: 1940
Performer: Peter Lipa
Title: Podobnosť Čisto Náhodná
Country: Slovakia
Released: 2016
Performer: Impact
Title: Coupable
Country: US
Released: 1998
Style: Oi
Performer: Various
Title: 50
Released: 2010
Style: Pop Rock, Country, Power Pop, Punk, Rhythm & Blues
Performer: Clare Torry
Title: Love Tomorrow, Love Today
Country: UK
Released: 1969
Performer: Deface
Title: Government Denies Knowledge
Released: 1998
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Performer: Claudionor Germano
Title: Capiba 25 Anos De Frevo
Country: Brazil
Released: 1959
Performer: Jerusalem
Title: 10 Years After
Country: USA & Canada
Released: 1988
Style: Hard Rock
Performer: Various
Title: Promão Nacional 4
Released: 1998
Style: MPB, Samba, Axé, Forró, Pop Rock
Performer: 大和さくら
Title: 合縁橋
Released: 1990
Style: Enka, Karaoke
Performer: Mary Pope Osborne
Title: Im Auge Des Wirbelsturms
Released: 2007
Style: Audiobook
Performer: Tom Jones
Title: Detroit City
Country: UK
Released: 1967
Style: Vocal, Blues Rock
Performer: Sadao Watanabe
Title: Fill Up The Night
Country: US
Released: 1983
Style: Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Funk
Performer: Various
Title: Hin Ljúfa Sönglist
Country: Iceland
Released: 1980
Style: Folk
Performer: Memorial
Title: The Creative Process / Berlin
Country: US
Released: 2008
Style: Melodic Hardcore, Hard Rock, Emo
Performer: Udo Lindenberg & Das Panik-Orchester
Title: Sister King Kong
Country: Germany
Style: Classic Rock
Performer: Frederick Rousseau
Country: France
Released: 1997
Style: New Age
Performer: TMO
Title: U Massa Move
Country: South Africa
Released: 1995
Style: House, Kwaito
Performer: Kate Ryan
Title: Only If I
Country: Belgium
Released: 2003
Style: Trance
Performer: Bruno Ledesma
Title: Tren Nocturno
Released: 2011
Style: Minimal Techno, Tech House
Performer: Papa M
Title: Papa M Sings
Released: 2003
Performer: Queen
Title: Smiles From Under The Crown
Released: 2004
Style: Classic Rock, Pop Rock
Performer: Perfume
Title: Marilyn Monroe
Country: Italy
Released: 1981
Style: New Wave, Minimal
Performer: The Wootens
Title: The Wootens
Released: 2011
Style: Soul, Funk
Performer: Amazarashi
Title: 夕日信仰 ヒガシズム
Released: 2014
Style: Pop Rock
Performer: Fony
Title: Join In & Hide Yourself
Released: 2001
Style: Nu Metal
Performer: 超新星
Title: ヒカリ
Released: 2009
Style: J-pop
Performer: King Africa
Title: La Bomba
Released: 2002
Style: Latin, Eurodance, Samba
Performer: Various
Title: Les Plus Grands Hits Des Années 60-70 - Volume 6 - Folk'n' Rock
Released: 1997
Style: Rock & Roll, Pop Rock
Performer: Overlord X
Title: 2 Bad
Country: UK
Released: 1988
Style: Britcore
Performer: Gratzug
Title: Bei Da Nacht
Released: 2015
Style: Black Metal
Performer: Francesc Picas
Title: Bendiciøn
Country: Colombia
Released: 1994
Performer: John Fogerty
Title: Centerfield
Country: US
Released: 1985
Style: Blues Rock, Country Rock, Classic Rock
Performer: Counting Crows
Title: Hanginaround
Country: Europe
Released: 1999
Style: Alternative Rock
Performer: Rolling Stones
Title: Four Flicks
Country: Europe
Released: 2003
Style: Interview, Rock & Roll, Spoken Word, Classic Rock, Arena Rock
Performer: Rage Generation Brothers
Title: Our Lifestyle
Released: 2000
Style: Punk
Performer: George Howard
Title: Shower You With Love
Country: US
Released: 1990
Style: Contemporary R&B
Performer: Ramli Sarip
Title: Istilah
Country: Malaysia
Released: 2018
Performer: The Tremeloes
Title: Master
Country: UK
Released: 1970
Style: Pop Rock
Performer: Mr. Doctor
Title: Bombay
Released: 1999
Style: Gangsta
Performer: Lucho Gatica
Title: Tangos Del Recuerdo
Country: Mexico
Released: 1975
Style: Tango
Performer: Bedlam Rovers
Title: Wallow
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Style: Indie Rock
Performer: Janina Degutytė
Title: Klevų Viršūnėse Rudens Naktis Sustojo...
Released: 1976
Style: Poetry
Performer: Joe Satriani
Title: Bospop 2000
Released: 2000
Performer: D'Arrasar
Title: Rainha Da Noite
Performer: Fragile
Title: Radical Simplicity
Released: 1999
Style: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Performer: Various
Title: France
Country: Germany
Style: Folk, Classical
Performer: Yurika
Title: ふたりの羽根
Country: Japan
Released: 2018
Style: J-pop, Pop Rock
Performer: Republica
Title: Christiana Obey EP
Country: UK
Released: 2013
Style: Pop Rock, Indie Rock
Performer: Ram Marathe
Title: हरी मोरे जीवन प्रान-अधार​
Released: 1964
Performer: Dada
Title: Dada
Country: Japan
Released: 1981
Style: Experimental, Ambient, Prog Rock
Performer: Tânia Mara
Title: Acústico
Released: 2011
Style: Ballad
Performer: Kuwata Band
Title: One Day
Released: 1986
Performer: Mad Importance
Title: Important Madness
Released: 2002
Performer: Barbra Streisand
Title: Barbra Joan Streisand
Released: 1971
Style: Vocal