Performer: Mike Shannon
Title: Memory Seed EP
Country: Canada
Released: 2008
Style: Techno, Minimal
Performer: 16
Title: Sail Rabbit
Country: US
Released: 1993
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Performer: Sonar
Title: Hive EP
Released: 2008
Style: Techno
Performer: B.E.Mann
Title: Bring Back The Days
Released: 2006
Style: Reggae, Roots Reggae, Reggae-Pop, Dancehall, Lovers Rock
Performer: The House Of Love
Title: The House Of Love
Country: UK & Europe
Released: 1990
Style: Indie Rock
Performer: Pankow
Title: Treue Hunde
Country: Italy
Released: 1992
Style: Industrial
Performer: Anti-Flag
Title: Die For The Government
Country: US
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Performer: Harriet Schock
Title: Hollywood Town
Country: US
Released: 1974
Performer: Rick Braun
Title: R n R
Country: US
Released: 2007
Style: Contemporary Jazz
Performer: Kabak
Title: Descomposicion Cerebral
Country: Mexico
Released: 1998
Style: Death Metal
Performer: Theatre Of Tragedy
Title: ['mju:zik]
Country: Germany
Released: 2000
Style: Darkwave, Industrial
Performer: Gilbert Le Funk
Title: Cookies & Cream
Released: 2012
Style: House
Performer: Russell Hitchcock
Title: Dreams Of The Lonely
Released: 1987
Style: Synth-pop
Performer: Clark Terry
Title: Everything's Mellow + Plays The Jazz Version Of All American
Released: 2012
Performer: The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Title: Looney Tunes™
Country: US
Released: 1983
Style: Big Band, Swing
Performer: Sonique
Title: Why
Country: Germany
Released: 2005
Style: House, Electro
Performer: 2 Bald Men
Title: Down Facing Dog
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Style: Techno
Performer: Echo Strobes
Title: Ghosts
Released: 2011
Style: Darkwave, Downtempo
Performer: Cherub
Title: You're My SunShine
Released: 2003
Performer: Moonloverz
Title: Moonloverz
Released: 2016
Performer: José Donoso
Title: Casa de Campo
Released: 1980
Style: Poetry, Dialogue, Education
Performer: The John Dankworth Quartet
Title: Bop At Club 11
Released: 1986
Style: Bop
Performer: Various
Title: Eduardo L. Gerlein & Co. S.A. 1916-1976
Released: 1976
Style: Salsa, Cumbia, Guaracha, Vallenato
Performer: Easy
Title: Kyyneleet Nuo
Released: 1979
Style: Schlager
Performer: Warp 69
Title: Into Deep (Got It)
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Style: Techno, Acid
Performer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Title: Piano Concertos Nos. 23 & 24
Released: 1985
Style: Classical
Performer: Sinatra
Title: Standards,Screen,Saloon Songs,Stage,Love Songs,Swings
Performer: Thrima
Title: Sterbende Welt
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Style: Metalcore, Hardcore
Performer: Γιώργος Κλακουμάνος
Title: Θα Με Χρειαστείς
Released: 1993
Style: Laïkó
Performer: O-Type
Title: Western Classics
Released: 2004
Style: Drone, Experimental
Performer: 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal
Title: Owari Wa Konai
Released: 2003
Style: Emo, Punk
Performer: Saint-Saëns
Title: Symphony No. 3 / Le Rouet d'Omphale
Released: 1988
Style: Romantic
Performer: Mozart
Title: Concerto 23 La Majeur K.488
Released: 1955
Style: Classical
Performer: Christoph Willibald Gluck
Title: Iphigenie En Tauride
Country: Germany
Released: 1983
Performer: Various
Title: Rock Mix
Released: 1991
Style: Pop Rock, Classic Rock
Performer: Tammy Wynette
Title: Tammy's Greatest Hits
Country: US
Style: Country
Performer: Gebr.Grimm
Title: Der Gestiefelte Kater
Country: Germany
Released: 1980
Style: Radioplay, Story
Performer: U2
Title: Pop Mart Winter Sale
Performer: Jones
Title: Jones & Mizrahi Edits
Country: US
Released: 2010
Style: Deep House, Tech House
Performer: Africanswithmainframes
Title: Save The Robots E.P.
Released: 2017
Style: House, Deep House
Performer: Eric Robertson
Performer: Count Basie & His Orchestra
Title: Basie Boogie / Let Me See
Country: US
Released: 1947
Style: Big Band
Performer: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Title: Kontra-Punkte / Thrêne, Pour Les Victimes D'Hiroshima / Available Forms 1 / Rimes Pour Différentes Sources Sonores
Country: US
Released: 1969
Style: Musique Concrète, Contemporary
Performer: If I Die
Title: A Romantic Lead Overdose
Released: 2005
Style: Metalcore
Performer: Stage Bottles
Title: Power For Revenge
Country: Europe
Released: 2010
Style: Punk, Oi
Performer: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Title: Lucky Man
Country: Germany
Style: Prog Rock
Performer: Jerry Clower
Title: The Ike And Mike Contest / Udell And Ole Skeets
Country: US
Released: 1980
Style: Comedy
Performer: Tweed
Title: Man On The Road
Released: 1979
Performer: Raoul Zerna
Title: Love The Things You Do
Released: 2004
Style: House
Performer: Cliff Richard
Title: Some People
Country: UK
Released: 1987
Style: Synth-pop, Ballad
Performer: Posthuman Tantra
Title: Transbiomorph's Necronomicon
Released: 2009
Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial
Performer: Kalyanji-Anandji
Title: Heera = हीरा
Released: 1973
Style: Bollywood, Soundtrack
Performer: Archaos
Title: Vestes Terrae
Country: Romania
Style: Dark Ambient, Neofolk
Performer: Bartók
Title: Concierto Para Violín Nº 2 - Rapsodia Nº 1 Para Violín Y Orquesta
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1972
Style: Modern
Performer: Wojciech Kilar
Title: Napoléon Et L'Europe (Bande Originale De La Série)
Released: 2013
Style: Score, Soundtrack
Performer: Gipper
Title: Shall We Bounce?
Released: 2006
Style: G-Funk
Performer: PxMxWx
Title: Home Grown
Country: US
Released: 1992
Performer: Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
Title: At The President's Birthday Ball / Angels Of Mercy
Released: 1942
Style: Big Band
Performer: 95 South
Title: Tightwork
Country: US
Released: 1999
Performer: Clitoris Trafficker
Title: Playing Noise - Demo II
Released: 1993
Style: Noisecore