Performer: Sway
Title: Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)
Country: Germany
Released: 1987
Style: Disco
Performer: Stranger & Glady
Title: Don't Give Up The Fight
Country: UK
Released: 1973
Style: Reggae, Roots Reggae, Rocksteady
Performer: Various
Title: Now-That's What I Call Music! (主流音樂薈萃九六歐美)
Released: 1996
Style: Euro House, RnB/Swing, AOR, Pop Rock, Contemporary R&B, Indie Rock
Performer: Herr Fröhlich und Herr Schön
Title: Herr Fröhlich und Herr Schön
Style: Comedy
Performer: Killa Kyleon
Title: Killa Music Slowed & Chopped
Released: 2008
Style: Gangsta, Screw
Performer: Mozart
Title: Symphonies No.40 & 41 'Jupiter'
Country: US
Released: 1984
Style: Classical
Performer: Janne Hanhisuanto
Title: I Space
Country: Lithuania
Released: 2011
Style: Experimental, Ambient
Performer: 16
Title: Sail Rabbit
Country: US
Released: 1993
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Performer: New Colony Six
Title: Colonization
Country: US
Released: 1967
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock, Garage Rock
Performer: Various
Title: Subliminal Nights (The Official Mix)
Released: 2001
Style: Trance, Progressive House
Performer: Le Blanc Casanova
Title: French Girls
Released: 2017
Style: Funk, Disco, House
Performer: Panjabi MC
Title: The Album
Country: UK
Released: 2003
Style: Gangsta, Pop Rap
Performer: The Go-Betweens
Title: G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 1 Sampler
Released: 2015
Style: Indie Pop
Performer: Into It. Over It.
Title: Twelve Towns
Country: US
Released: 2011
Style: Acoustic, Punk, Indie Rock
Performer: Veronica On Ice
Title: These Recordings
Released: 1995
Style: Punk, Indie Rock
Performer: Lazy K
Title: New York City Radio Series Lazy K 1997
Performer: 2 Bald Men
Title: Down Facing Dog
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Style: Techno
Performer: Herbärds
Title: Eu! Se Bois
Country: Germany
Released: 1984
Style: Punk, Oi
Performer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Title: Tritt Auf Die Glaubensbahn BWV 152 / Bekennen Will Ich Seinen Namen BWV 200 / Der Friede Sei Mit Dir BWV 158 / Schlage Doch, Gewunschte Stunde BWV 53
Released: 1951
Style: Baroque
Performer: Various
Title: We Are Frankfurt
Released: 1994
Style: Hardcore, Techno, Acid
Performer: Nathaniel Mayer
Title: Why Don't You Give It To Me?
Country: US
Released: 2007
Style: Free Funk, Psychedelic
Performer: Human Body
Title: Wet
Country: US
Released: 1985
Style: Funk
Performer: 2nd Phase
Title: Innervate
Released: 2016
Style: Trance, Tech Trance
Performer: Cuco Valoy Con La Nueva Tribu
Title: Amarilis Echame Agua / Si Tu Te Vas
Style: Merengue
Performer: Mary J. Blige
Title: No More Drama
Country: France
Released: 2001
Style: Contemporary R&B
Performer: Toybox
Title: Adam's van
Performer: Cristian Lavino
Title: Rise Up
Released: 2009
Style: Euro House
Performer: 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal
Title: Owari Wa Konai
Released: 2003
Style: Emo, Punk
Performer: Various
Title: We Will Doo
Released: 2009
Style: Electro
Performer: Ray Woolf
Title: Living A Lie
Released: 1963
Style: Vocal, Rock & Roll
Performer: Romeo's Daughter
Title: Heaven In The Back Seat
Country: UK
Released: 1989
Style: Heavy Metal, Pop Rock
Performer: Famous
Title: Mr Million
Style: Dancehall
Performer: Whitehouse
Title: Birthdeath Experience
Style: Power Electronics, Industrial
Performer: Enrique Bunbury
Title: Palo Santo
Performer: Oslo Gospel Choir
Title: Live In Paris
Country: Norway
Released: 1997
Style: Gospel
Performer: OOMPH!
Title: Beim Ersten Mal Tut's Immer Weh
Country: Switzerland
Released: 2008
Style: Alternative Rock, Industrial
Performer: Jimmy Helms
Title: Black Joy
Country: UK
Released: 1977
Style: Soul, Theme
Performer: Haydn
Title: 11 Piano Sonatas • Fantasia • Andante • Adagio
Country: Europe
Released: 2009
Style: Classical
Performer: Palestrina
Title: Missa Papae Marcelli / Missa Assumpta Est Maria
Country: US
Performer: Elvis Cantú
Title: Here I Come
Released: 2018
Style: Rockabilly, Western Swing
Performer: Imperio Argentina
Title: Sevillanas Imperio / Peteneras
Country: Spain
Style: Theme, Flamenco
Performer: Goricon
Title: Cryptosphere
Released: 1980
Style: Ambient
Performer: Prince
Title: Rock And Roll Love Affair
Country: Europe
Released: 2012
Style: House, Funk
Performer: Anthony Phillips
Title: Private Parts And Pieces
Country: US
Released: 1978
Style: Prog Rock
Performer: Groundhogs
Title: Thank Christ For The Bomb
Country: UK
Released: 1970
Style: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Performer: Tito Reyes
Title: El Trombonista Feliz
Released: 1967
Performer: 95 South
Title: Tightwork
Country: US
Released: 1999
Performer: Alhaji Ajadi Ilorin & His Group
Title: Alhaji Ajadi Ilorin & His Group
Style: African, Highlife
Performer: Franka
Title: Reflexions Of Life (Copenhagen Sessions)
Released: 2000
Performer: Gardel
Title: Viva La Patria / El Sol Del 25
Country: Argentina
Released: 1931
Style: Tango
Performer: Warlock
Title: True As Steel
Country: Germany
Released: 1986
Style: Heavy Metal
Performer: Art Brut
Title: It's A Bit Complicated
Country: Europe
Released: 2013
Style: Garage Rock, Punk, Indie Rock
Performer: Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra
Title: Songs Of Sunny Italy
Country: UK
Style: Easy Listening
Performer: William S. Burroughs Hurts
Title: Flat Cat Bonfire
Country: UK, Europe & US
Released: 2011
Style: Experimental
Performer: Leticia Gore
Title: State of Withdrawal
Released: 2011
Style: Horrorcore
Performer: State Of Drama
Title: Pre & Post Us
Country: Sweden
Released: 2015
Style: Pop Rock
Performer: Silence' Over
Title: Eravamo / Gabbiano
Released: 1987
Style: Prog Rock, Hard Rock, Ballad