Performer: lizb
Title: Backseat Ride
Country: US
Released: 2013
Style: Experimental, Ambient, Trip Hop, Post-Punk, Punk, Hardcore
Performer: Da Brat
Title: Anuthatantrum
Country: US
Released: 1996
Performer: OOMPH!
Title: Ritual
Country: Europe
Released: 2019
Style: Alternative Rock, Industrial, Heavy Metal
Performer: HAL
Title: Save Me
Country: Japan
Released: 2001
Style: House, Synth-pop
Performer: Mary Cristy
Title: Toi, La Musique Et Moi
Country: Germany
Released: 1976
Style: Chanson
Performer: Various
Title: Children Of Babylon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Country: Jamaica
Released: 1979
Style: Soundtrack
Performer: Yas-Kaz
Title: Virgo Indigo
Country: Japan
Released: 1986
Style: Experimental, Modal, Ambient
Performer: Redwing
Title: Dead Or Alive
Country: US
Released: 1974
Style: Country Rock
Performer: Dada Life
Title: Do It Till Your Face Hurts
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2018
Style: Electro House
Performer: The Muffs
Title: New Love
Country: US
Released: 1991
Style: Punk
Performer: Various
Title: New Country • May 1994
Country: Europe
Released: 1994
Style: Country
Performer: Slade
Title: Coz I Luv You
Country: UK
Released: 1971
Style: Glam, Classic Rock
Performer: Scott Cooley
Title: Sense Of Belonging
Released: 2010
Style: Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Norteño, Mariachi, Tejano, Soft Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Ballad
Performer: Fantasy
Title: Singerman
Released: 1979
Style: Disco
Performer: Deddy Dores
Title: Tinggal Kenangan
Released: 1973
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Performer: Massenmord 36
Title: Halloween EP 2010
Released: 2010
Style: Horrorcore
Performer: King Curtis
Title: Live At Fillmore West
Country: US
Released: 2014
Style: Jazz-Funk
Performer: Michaela Wright
Title: Never Gonna Give In
Country: UK
Released: 2010
Style: Dance-pop
Performer: 南佳孝
Title: モンロー・ウォーク = Monroe Walk
Country: Japan
Released: 1979
Performer: Yurika
Title: ふたりの羽根
Country: Japan
Released: 2018
Style: J-pop, Pop Rock
Performer: Bone Awl
Title: Bowing Heads / Sunless Xyggos
Country: Italy
Released: 2011
Style: Black Metal
Performer: Michael Hedges
Title: Live On The Double Planet
Country: US
Released: 1987
Style: Acoustic, Folk
Performer: Sammy Campbell
Title: Suga, Would Ya / Crazy About You
Released: 2007
Style: Soul
Performer: Scorpions
Title: Hot & Heavy
Country: Germany
Style: Hard Rock
Performer: Queen
Title: Smiles From Under The Crown
Released: 2004
Style: Classic Rock, Pop Rock
Performer: Johnny Dorelli
Title: Addio
Released: 1969
Style: Chanson
Performer: Various
Title: 200% Maquina
Country: Spain
Released: 2002
Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina
Performer: M.C. Pooh
Title: Teardrops EP
Country: US
Released: 1990
Performer: Primal Scream
Title: Primal Scream
Country: UK
Released: 1998
Style: Indie Rock
Performer: Harvest
Title: Transitions
Country: US
Released: 1998
Style: Hardcore
Performer: The Motels
Title: Shame
Country: US
Released: 1985
Style: Soft Rock, Synth-pop
Performer: Jackie Lee
Title: Rupert
Country: UK
Style: Theme
Performer: Living Colour
Title: Vivid
Country: US
Released: 1988
Style: Alternative Rock, Funk Metal
Performer: George Ezra
Title: Hold My Girl
Country: France
Released: 2018
Style: Indie Rock
Performer: Fredis
Title: Mēs Sitīsim Tos... (Jeb Nežēlīgās Dainas 5)
Released: 1999
Style: Comedy, Parody
Performer: Cama de Gato
Title: Dança Da Lua
Released: 1995
Style: Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock
Performer: Bon Bon
Title: Bon Bon
Country: Finland
Released: 1978
Style: Schlager, Disco
Performer: Huréré
Title: Capiteen
Performer: Shuttle358
Title: Frame
Released: 2000
Style: Glitch, Dub, Minimal, Experimental, Ambient
Performer: Minkions
Title: Distorted Pictures From Distorted Reality
Country: Czech Republic
Released: 2012
Style: Hardcore, Thrash
Performer: Julio Iglesias
Title: Raices
Country: South Africa
Released: 1989
Style: Easy Listening, Disco
Performer: Jaidev
Title: Do Boond Pani
Performer: Roberto Amaral
Title: Alma Nova / Samba Da Maria
Released: 1978
Style: MPB, Samba
Performer: Lightnin' Hopkins
Title: Got To Move Your Baby
Country: US
Released: 1972
Style: Texas Blues, Country Blues
Performer: Frederick Rousseau
Country: France
Released: 1997
Style: New Age
Performer: Other Day
Title: Karmapolis
Released: 2004
Style: New Wave, Dark Ambient
Performer: Klaus Lage Band
Title: Schweissperlen
Country: Germany
Released: 1984
Style: Pop Rock
Performer: Basement Jaxx
Title: Hush Boy
Country: UK
Released: 2006
Style: House
Performer: 松田聖子
Title: ハートのイアリング
Country: Japan
Released: 2004
Performer: Story Of The Year
Title: Until The Day I Die
Country: UK
Released: 2003
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Performer: Josef Locke
Title: Come Back To Sorrento / Santa Lucia
Country: UK
Released: 1947
Style: Vocal
Performer: Yuki Kajiura
Title: Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution
Released: 2002
Performer: Various
Title: 94.7 FM Concierto
Released: 1997
Style: Dance-pop, Euro House, Synth-pop, Pop Rock
Performer: Sinéad O'Connor
Title: The Lion And The Cobra
Country: UK
Released: 1987
Style: Alternative Rock
Performer: Various
Title: Lustige Musikanten - Eine Volkstümliche Hitparade
Country: Switzerland
Style: Volksmusik
Performer: Sam Cooke
Title: Sam Cooke Songbook Vol. 1 - Tribute To Billie Holiday
Style: Rhythm & Blues
Performer: Patsy Cline
Title: 12 Greatest Hits
Country: US
Style: Country
Performer: Perfume
Title: Marilyn Monroe
Country: Italy
Released: 1981
Style: New Wave, Minimal
Performer: Misterogers
Title: Misterogers Knows That You Are Special
Country: US
Released: 1969
Style: Educational