Performer: Other Day
Title: Karmapolis
Released: 2004
Style: New Wave, Dark Ambient
Performer: Burning Airlines
Title: Identikit
Country: US
Released: 2001
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Performer: Bob Welch
Title: French Kiss
Country: US
Released: 1977
Style: Pop Rock, Disco
Performer: Overlord X
Title: 2 Bad
Country: UK
Released: 1988
Style: Britcore
Performer: Mike Oldfield
Title: Descubrimiento
Country: UK
Released: 1985
Style: Pop Rock, Ambient
Performer: Mackaruffin
Title: Dem Girls
Released: 2008
Performer: Those Darn Accordions!
Title: Squeeze This!
Released: 1994
Style: Polka
Performer: Sky
Title: Masquerade
Country: UK
Released: 1982
Style: Classic Rock
Performer: Yadya Chaban
Title: Ethno
Released: 2015
Style: Ambient
Performer: Vothana
Title: Trên Con Đường Danh Vọng - On The Path Of Honour
Released: 2007
Style: Black Metal
Performer: Hannah Winkler
Title: Hannah Winkler EP
Country: US
Released: 2011
Performer: Beyoncé
Title: Speak My Mind
Country: France
Released: 2006
Style: RnB/Swing
Performer: Fatboy Slim
Title: Punk To Funk
Country: UK
Released: 1996
Style: Breakbeat, Acid, Big Beat
Performer: Ana Gabriel
Title: Vivencias
Country: Mexico
Released: 1996
Style: Ballad, Vocal
Performer: سعد وإكرام
Title: م الناحية دي / ماتهزرش
Released: 1967
Performer: Liz Green
Title: Bad Medicine
Country: UK
Released: 2007
Style: Folk Rock, Bluegrass, Soul, Vocal, Rhythm & Blues, Acoustic, Folk
Performer: İsmail Aydın
Title: Babasından İstedim / Kadiroğlu Geliyor
Performer: Young A
Title: ChromGangTape
Released: 2013
Style: Gangsta
Performer: Various
Title: American Idol Top 8 - Season 11
Released: 2012
Style: Soul, RnB/Swing, Synth-pop, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Country, Ballad, Prog Rock, Soft Rock
Performer: Morgan Heritage
Title: Protect Us Jah
Country: US
Released: 1997
Style: Roots Reggae
Performer: Clare Torry
Title: Love Tomorrow, Love Today
Country: UK
Released: 1969
Performer: Deface
Title: Government Denies Knowledge
Released: 1998
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Performer: Hawthorne Heights
Title: The Silence In Black And White
Country: US
Released: 2014
Performer: Sketch & DJ Code
Title: I Can't Stop / Caffeine
Country: UK
Released: 2006
Style: Drum n Bass
Performer: Beastie Boys
Title: Check Your Threads
Performer: Larry Weiss
Title: Rhinestone Cowboy
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1974
Performer: Τάκη Παναγόπουλου
Title: Που Τραβάς Μιχάλη / Το Κομπολογάκι Μου
Released: 1970
Style: Laïkó
Performer: Gary Knight
Title: Night People
Performer: Bruce St. John
Title: The Foetus Pleasures
Released: 1973
Style: Spoken Word
Performer: Millie Jackson
Title: Just A Lil' Bit Country
Country: US
Released: 1981
Style: Soul, Funk
Performer: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Country: US
Released: 1976
Performer: The Tremeloes
Title: Master
Country: UK
Released: 1970
Style: Pop Rock
Performer: Various
Title: Destination:
Country: US
Released: 1997
Style: Punk, Indie Rock
Performer: Bon Bon
Title: Bon Bon
Country: Finland
Released: 1978
Style: Schlager, Disco
Performer: Tom Legenstein
Title: Immer Nie Wieder
Released: 2018
Style: Folk
Performer: Edith Piaf
Title: Edith Piaf
Performer: Joni Mitchell
Title: Joni Mitchell 1-2
Released: 2011
Style: Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Acoustic, Ballad, Synth-pop, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Performer: Memorial
Title: The Creative Process / Berlin
Country: US
Released: 2008
Style: Melodic Hardcore, Hard Rock, Emo
Performer: Ben Zimet
Title: Live
Style: Klezmer
Performer: Rolling Stones
Title: Four Flicks
Country: Europe
Released: 2003
Style: Interview, Rock & Roll, Spoken Word, Classic Rock, Arena Rock
Performer: Reptilian Agenda
Title: Fatal Fang ep
Released: 2002
Style: Trance, Ambient
Performer: Jimmy Smith
Title: Hobo Flats
Country: US
Style: Jump Blues, Cool Jazz
Performer: Various
Title: Rock In Der Villa - Sieger '95
Released: 1995
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Grunge
Performer: M3NSA
Title: No.1 Mango Street
Released: 2011
Style: Hip Hop
Performer: Hortus Musicus
Title: Musica Diaphonica In Croatia Saeculi XI-XIV
Country: USSR
Released: 1987
Style: Medieval
Performer: Endymion
Title: Demonsworld
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2000
Style: Hardcore, Gabber
Performer: Jambo
Title: Prodigal Son
Country: Zimbabwe
Released: 1988
Style: African
Performer: Osak
Title: Oriental
Released: 2019
Style: Downtempo
Performer: End Of The Weak
Title: Special Forces
Released: 2001
Performer: Cardinal Point
Title: Show Me The Way (To Your Love)
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1973
Style: Pop Rock, Glam
Performer: 南佳孝
Title: モンロー・ウォーク = Monroe Walk
Country: Japan
Released: 1979
Performer: The Wootens
Title: The Wootens
Released: 2011
Style: Soul, Funk
Performer: Peter Lipa
Title: Podobnosť Čisto Náhodná
Country: Slovakia
Released: 2016
Performer: Edo.G
Title: Wishful Thinking
Country: US
Released: 2002
Performer: Republica
Title: Christiana Obey EP
Country: UK
Released: 2013
Style: Pop Rock, Indie Rock
Performer: Labirints
Title: Labirints
Released: 1998
Performer: Kataklysm
Title: Of Ghosts And Gods
Released: 2015
Style: Death Metal
Performer: Mbilia Bel
Title: 8/10 Benedicta
Released: 1994
Style: African, Soukous