Performer: Beat Service
Title: Empire
Released: 2014
Style: Trance
Performer: Jack Shadow
Title: The Master / Jetstream
Country: UK
Released: 1998
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Performer: Beyoncé
Title: Speak My Mind
Country: France
Released: 2006
Style: RnB/Swing
Performer: Shanadoo
Title: Japanese Boy
Country: Germany
Released: 2007
Style: Euro House
Performer: Madasun
Title: The Way It Is
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Style: Europop
Performer: Various
Title: Venue 99
Released: 1999
Style: Synth-pop, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal
Performer: Living Colour
Title: Vivid
Country: US
Released: 1988
Style: Alternative Rock, Funk Metal
Performer: Delroy Wilson
Title: Cool Operator
Country: UK
Released: 1983
Style: Roots Reggae
Performer: Biggi Gunn
Title: I Was Younger Then
Released: 2006
Performer: The Blue Hearts
Title: キスしてほしい
Released: 1987
Style: Punk
Performer: B.U.G. Mafia
Title: Prezintă Casa
Country: Romania
Released: 2002
Style: Thug Rap, Gangsta
Performer: فيروز
Title: أجمل أغاني = The Best Of
Country: Lebanon
Released: 1976
Performer: Eurythmics
Title: Touch Dance
Country: UK
Released: 1984
Style: Synth-pop
Performer: Hiko Band
Title: Number 7
Released: 1985
Style: Fusion
Performer: Various
Title: Russkoe Для Нее
Released: 2016
Style: Europop, Pop Rap
Performer: Keitzer
Title: As The World Burns
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Style: Grindcore
Performer: Frank Zappa
Title: Baby Snakes
Country: US
Released: 2012
Style: Soundtrack, Jazz-Rock, Avantgarde, Prog Rock, Parody
Performer: Mc Stojan
Title: Bahata
Country: Serbia
Released: 2017
Style: Europop, Electro, Eurobeat, Pop Rap, Folk, Reggaeton
Performer: Edith Piaf
Title: Edith Piaf
Performer: Peter Lipa
Title: Podobnosť Čisto Náhodná
Country: Slovakia
Released: 2016
Performer: Liz Green
Title: Bad Medicine
Country: UK
Released: 2007
Style: Folk Rock, Bluegrass, Soul, Vocal, Rhythm & Blues, Acoustic, Folk
Performer: Alison Hinds
Title: Roll It Gal
Country: UK
Style: Reggae-Pop
Performer: Miguel Morales "La Voz"
Title: Gracias Mi Gente
Country: Colombia
Released: 1995
Style: Vallenato
Performer: Various
Title: Sampler Record
Style: Easy Listening, Experimental, Disco
Performer: Nachtmystium
Title: In The Valley Of Death...Where Black Metal is King
Country: US
Released: 2018
Style: Black Metal
Performer: Barenboim
Title: Symphony No. 5, Overture, La Forza Del Destino, Valse Triste
Country: Europe
Released: 2005
Style: Romantic
Performer: Jerusalem
Title: 10 Years After
Country: USA & Canada
Released: 1988
Style: Hard Rock
Performer: Counting Crows
Title: Hanginaround
Country: Europe
Released: 1999
Style: Alternative Rock
Performer: Coro Infantil De Santo Amaro De Oeiras
Title: Um Feliz Natal
Country: Portugal
Released: 1988
Performer: Ethiopian
Title: Mystic Man
Country: Jamaica
Released: 2002
Style: Roots Reggae
Performer: רבקה זהר
Title: רבקה זהר / סבתא רֶבֶּקָה = Rivka Zohar / Grandma Rebbecca
Released: 2002
Style: Zemer Ivri
Performer: Other Day
Title: Karmapolis
Released: 2004
Style: New Wave, Dark Ambient
Performer: Walter Lietha
Title: Dia Fahrenda
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1977
Performer: Ventil RG
Title: Ventil RG
Country: Czechoslovakia
Released: 1991
Style: Ska, New Wave, Pop Rock, Punk, Reggae
Performer: Ray & Ella Darby
Title: Ray & Ella Darby
Released: 1977
Style: Country, Gospel
Performer: Oliver N'Goma
Title: Seva
Released: 2001
Style: African, Zouk
Performer: Rezophonic
Title: Rezophonic
Released: 2014
Style: Alternative Rock
Performer: John Coltrane
Title: A Love Supreme
Performer: Shaolin Temple Defenders
Title: Take It Slow
Country: France
Released: 2011
Style: Soul, Funk
Performer: OutKast
Title: Stankonia
Country: US
Released: 2000
Style: Pop Rap, Conscious, Thug Rap
Performer: Kings
Title: Όσο Θα Λείπεις
Released: 2016
Style: Laïkó
Performer: Harry Gregson-Williams
Title: The Chronicles Of Narnia (The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
Country: US
Released: 2005
Style: Soundtrack, Modern Classical
Performer: Nina Simone
Title: At Town Hall
Performer: 菅原文太
Title: トラック音頭
Performer: Freddie King
Title: King Of The Blues
Country: US
Released: 1995
Style: Electric Blues, Texas Blues
Performer: Hubert Kah Mit Kapelle
Title: Meine Höhepunkte
Country: Germany
Released: 1982
Style: Synth-pop, NDW
Performer: Ralph MacDonald
Title: Universal Rhythm
Country: France
Released: 1984
Style: Jazz-Funk, Post Bop
Performer: Ritchie Valens
Title: The Best Of Ritchie Valens
Country: US
Released: 1986
Style: Rock & Roll
Performer: Jimmy James
Title: You Made Me Love Again
Country: France
Released: 1977
Style: Disco
Performer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Title: Meisterwerke
Performer: Search
Title: Bikin Wilayah
Country: Malaysia
Released: 1998
Style: Hard Rock, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal
Performer: Roxanne Shanté
Title: Round 1
Country: US
Released: 1985
Performer: Burning Airlines
Title: Identikit
Country: US
Released: 2001
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Performer: Härte 10
Title: Gugu Dada
Country: Germany
Released: 1987
Style: Jazz-Funk, Prog Rock
Performer: Various
Title: American Idol Top 8 - Season 11
Released: 2012
Style: Soul, RnB/Swing, Synth-pop, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Country, Ballad, Prog Rock, Soft Rock
Performer: Megas
Title: Nú Er Ég Klæddur Og Kominn Á Ról
Country: Iceland
Released: 1978
Performer: Dada
Title: Dada
Country: Japan
Released: 1981
Style: Experimental, Ambient, Prog Rock
Performer: Eliphas Levi
Title: 黒死館
Released: 2000
Style: Soundtrack, Punk, Goth Rock
Performer: Paradox
Title: The Demo Collection 1986-1987
Country: US
Released: 2013
Style: Thrash
Performer: Osak
Title: Oriental
Released: 2019
Style: Downtempo